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Forex, Indices, and Commodities Technical Summary

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Forex, indices, commodities or bonds-Markets Overview

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The Far East stock markets were weak at the start of this weak due to US-China trade concerns and the situation in Hong Kong. But the SP500 gained primarily on comments. After the meetings at the end of last week the U.S. Trade Representative’s office described them as “productive”, whilst the...

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The Euro has been gradually weakening against the USD since the summer, but has been ranging for most of September.

Mario Draghi, the ECB President, is talking later today.

Here is 1st attempt at posting a chart here.

Oil prices remained steady today after the dramatic start to the week with the attacks of the Saudi Arabian Abqaiq oil facilities. Iran stands accused of the attacks.

Both the US and Iran have stated that they do not want a war, but tension in the region is still high and WTI still...

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Hi newbies, here is our beginners guide to forex trading.  We will be posting this in bite-size chunks, updated regularly,  so you can print it off  and save it for reference later. I would like to thank one of our members, who wishes to remain anonymous,  for his contributions to this guide

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