Website growth considerations.

xx Website growth considerations.
November 04, 2021, 04:44:27 PM by Caesar
Hello members!

As I posted in recent months, the contributions from members are what makes or breaks a forum,
thus we are very grateful for all of your interactions on a variety of topics, without which we would
be unable to justify continuing to run this page.

Since I implemented stricter joining protocols for prospective new members, and since my decision
to purge a number of ghost/dormant accounts that had previously got into the system, our membership
growth has completely ground to a halt: most of the new membership lining up for approval on our admin
portal are - I personally check them - hackers from (mostly) Russia who use the same IP addresses multiple
times with different account names.

The choice now is whether we want to compromise our security in order to allow new members, or to maintain
a safer environment with fewer/genuine members: the decision to lean toward the latter means that we may be
lower in membership/posts but this has not stopped guests/traffic on the site, which means that the public does
have some awareness of this content.

Financially we are secure and, other than the webhosting fee, we have no other yearly (or other) expenses; however,
if we decided to generate some kind of income (unlikely) then we could perhaps recover the aforementioned: for this,
we may choose to ask every member to make a donation (with a minimum suggested amount) so as to help with

Our Twitter account has 2,145 followers, even though we are not sure which ones are genuine traders/people: this means that our posts have a decent bit of exposure, though having a dedicated social media strategy would require someone (paid/volunteer) to focus on building that side up from what is a rather low-key effort from me.

If anyone felt that they were up to helping the forum grow by volunteering to, say, dedicate some time to post on our Twitter page, for example, then I would be very happy to hear from / work with you on this.

So long

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