Members purge.

xx Members purge.
September 09, 2021, 10:28:30 AM by Caesar
Dear all,

we just purged the site of dormant members
using the criterion of 'no new posts in the last six months':
this has reduced our membership further, from 54 to 37.

If you are reading this and are one of those members, and would like back in, we would be happy to hear from you and reconsider.

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clip Re: Members purge. (Reply 1)
January 07, 2022, 05:29:45 PM by Caesar
Hello peeps!

I have approved three new members to the forum, bringing the total (including me) to thirty-eight.

What I am unable to show you is how active each member is in terms of reading threads, however

when it comes to posting activity then the attached diagram is pretty clear: most members post very little

and only me and another seven members (thus 8 out of 38 members) have put in 100 or more posts.

You can see the post cound on the far right of the image... and some people have been with us for

many, many months but hardly posted anything.

I think we can do better than this!

Come on everyone, show your support and POST NOW.

What happens next is that if people have dormant accounts for six months or more I will message them

a warning that their accounts will be deleted: if they do not respond, I will go ahead with deletion.

Some forums keep 'dead accounts' to bloat their figures but my philosophy is that if, say, a friend never

calls you or responds to your contacting them, year after year, then you should eventually drop them

from your contacts list and your life. So I want everyone who is here to be involved as best they can

to keep this project running.

Let's talk about trading! Post your thoughts, questions, comments, opinions! Anything is legitimate

(but stay respectful and civil).

Go ahead.

Try it.

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