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Hello peeps!

We have a lively Twitter page with over 2k followers!

If you fancy posting there (instead of, or as well as here)

please do!!


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I would also like to link my thread on women in trading/finance from Babypips,
which led to several interviews with women in trading/finance:

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This post and link by @PipMeHappy is copied here from the EURUSD thread:

Hello peeps!

In my previous post I talked about market cycles...

If you want to know more, I just found this free book preview on Google Books:

it is...

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Another scammer,  Gurvin Singh, scams 1250 people out of almost £4m
Hello everyone!

Please watch in YouTube as you will find all the skipping points (time-stamps) in

the description under the video (it is a LONG video) :)

PS nbspnbsp thanks to @Kim nbspnbsp for sugge...

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Last time i looked at gold i put out the trading ideas i was looking for. Well the 2nd idea came to fruition. Price hit that bottom support zone and rejected off nicely. So if you was following then you would of entered as expected. currently we are 563 pips in profit. But we are currently in an...

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I have traded shares for years and use a long term approach with low risk trades. So far it has done me proud.
However, theres not much to talk about when you buy a stock and let it sit for 3,5, or 10 years. So, I'#039#039ve decided to open a separate small account with a different b...

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Anyone holding or trading XRP?The financial markets forex/crypto/stocks are going wild lately. People have now realized their true potential when pulling together. AS such we see many pump’s in coins and stocks alike recently. XRP has rocketed the last couple of days. I myself held some XRP from...

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Its been a while since i looked at GOLD . I was stopped out in profit on the last position i took but havent looked back at it since. There’s a couple of idea’s that i would like to take, one is near the current support zone we’re almost at. If it finds support around there then i would be taking...

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Hey all, my big plan here is to repost various tidbits from my Twitter, TradingView, or YouTube Channel.  Please feel free to ask question or make comments.  I will pretty much engage any DeFi or Ethereum topic here. Whether it be news, underlying technology, or charts.

Hello traders!

I hope you are doing okay in these stressful times.

I have been monitoring my USD/MXN long (now in drawdown) and checking again that I have my facts right:
is it a good idea? The timing of it maybe...

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While many scammers are fairly easy to spot, others are more cunning.
One trick often employed is to clone a legitimate company, nbspnbsp perhaps a broker for example, and use forums and social media to push a website that may be identical to the legitimate website and will include the correct ...

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Hello everyone,

I noticed a distinct lack of activity in the forums
and as an involved member I feel we could do
with figuring out how to make this forum more
lively and maybe increase participation.

For this reason I thought we could run a poll with

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In the coming weeks, Congress in the USA will hear testimonies from the CEO'#039#039s of Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet. Apple have also been asked to attend but have not yet replied.

This is expected to be the biggest anti-trust investigation in 50 years and there is a lot of spe...

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If you wish to post about or discuss a FREE Expert Advisor or associated products here, thank you on behalf of our community. nbspnbsp If you wish to SELL such products or services then read below first

Sellers of products and services
If you have an EA (Expert Advisor), or an...

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This thread completes my main trading interests.

Since Brexit is perhaps the only game in town this week, and everyone knows what is going on there at present, there is not really much more to add right now until it happens - but I just wanted to set this up ready!
Just under 2 years ago, Dec 2017, I posted on another nbspnbsp forum this;
“...crypto currencies have exploded through 2017. Are prices set to fall drastically...or can growth continue throughout 2018 and beyond?”

Bitcoins stood at $19,343

Been a bit of a rollercoaster since the...

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