Author Topic: Crudele talks with former pit-traders-turned-screen-traders  (Read 538 times)


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Thanks for this, @PipMeHappy
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No worries @Caesar

I welcome everyone here,

@Mr T

and anyone else (I cannot remember everyone's name, sorry!)

to listen to the whole of this interview...

Topics covered:

- what it was like working in the Chicago pit;
- how transition to the upstairs electronic trading room happened;
- how trading without the 'noise' and using order flow /volume profiling instead changed trading;
- the impact of HFTs and algos;
- stories from the pit, the sweat, physicality, bouts of actual violence but also the cameraderie;
- whether learning to trade now as opposed to starting out in the pit, is a longer curve and why;
- the importance of process/discipline/routine in the pit and in the screen-trading worlds.

I hope you get something out of it... I certainly did.