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If you wish to post about or discuss a FREE Expert Advisor or associated products here, thank you on behalf of our community.  If you wish to SELL such products or services then read below first

Sellers of products and services
If you have an EA (Expert Advisor), or anything else you'd like to share with the forum, please contact or pm us first for a proper introduction to the forum. We will create a forum topic for you and from there you will be able to post information, answer questions, etc.

A few points to note:

1. You must have a URL (domain name) of your own. No domain names like "" or "". Domains are not expensive or hard to implement and are a bare minimum requirement for an online business.

2. We do not remove negative opinions. Be prepared for positive AND negative posts. You can respond as you wish to these. We recommend remaining calm and addressing each point that our members raise - for instance, if they criticise your lack of myfxbook stats, explain exactly why you have none, or set one up for us to look at! If negative posts become personal or are posted from competitors we will remove them - We do keep a look out for this which happens rarely. We can help mediate privately between yourself and customers if you need help resolving an issue.

3. No posting of banners or copy/paste marketing within topics. If you have a special offer or promotion you can include the information within part of a normal post in a 'chat' style format, again NO Copy/paste marketing. Promos may be removed from the forum at any time if We feel you are overstepping the rules and abusing our forum. We do want our members to have the opportunity to get access to your promos but they must be in keeping with the forum environment and not simply loud ads.

4. We reserve the right to delete or alter any post we feel is inappropriate or not in our members best interests,  without recourse. We hope this will not be necessary,  and that you understand why we may need to resort to this.
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