Author Topic: "Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis" by Christopher Graffon  (Read 1258 times)


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This post and link by @PipMeHappy is copied here from the EURUSD thread:

Hello peeps!

In my previous post I talked about market cycles...

If you want to know more, I just found this free book preview on Google Books:

it is called "Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis" and it was written by one Christopher Graffon, who holds a CMT charter (Chartered Market Technician) from the MTA.

The book was written ten years ago, thus it is still pretty relevant.

Have a look, if you are interested:
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Re: "Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis" by Christopher Graffon
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Interesting... Thanks @Kaitsu

Hope you are doing okay.

Keeping myself busy and have not posted much

but will try to pop in later on.

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